This mobile-friendly website was developed by Richard's long-term friend John Marsh using the latest version of the Joomla! Content Management System with the help of the following third-party extensions. Our grateful acknowledgement to the Joomla! team and to all the developers who have contributed towards to the Joomla! project.

Component Version Author Website
JComments 3.0.7 smart
COM_JCE 2.6.11 Ryan Demmer
Securitycheck 3.1.1 Jose A. Luque
Akeeba 6.2.1 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Admintools 5.1.4 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
eXtplorer 2.1.8 soeren, QuiX Project
COM_ECOMMERCEWD 1.2.10 Web-Dorado
Easy Quickicons 3.2.0 AwyneSoft
COM_XMAP 3.0 rev 302 Branko Wilhelm
Site Credits 2.6 Roalcana
AutoTweetNG 8.20.0
AcyMailing 5.10.4 Acyba
Module Version Author Website
Slideshow CK 1.4.42 Cédric KEIFLIN
MOD_COALAWEBPAGE 1.0.2 Steven Palmer
MOD_COALAWEBTWEET 1.0.2 Steven Palmer
Easy QuickIcons 3.2.0 AwyneSoft
MOD_FUOFB_XML_TITLE 1.5.0 Joomladds @ River Media
MOD_FUOTW_XML_TITLE 1.2.2 Joomladds @ River Media
AutoTweetNG Latest Posts 8.20.0
AutoTweetNG TW Follow 8.20.0
AutoTweetNG Light RSS 8.20.0
News Show SP2 2.9
Flexi Custom Code 2.1 AppsNity
mod_eprivacy 2.14 Michael Richey
Plugin Version Author Website
Content - JComments 1.0 smart
Button - JComments ON 1.0 smart
Button - JComments OFF 1.0 smart
Search - JComments 1.0 smart
System - JComments 1.0 smart
User - JComments 1.0 smart
Quick Icon - JComments 1.0 smart
plg_system_articlesanywhere 7.6.1 Regular Labs (Peter van Westen)
plg_editors-xtd_articlesanywhere 7.6.1 Regular Labs (Peter van Westen)
System - JCE 2.6.11 Ryan Demmer
PLG_SYSTEM_IMAGESIZERFREE 3.2.5 Norbert Bayer - reDim
Quick Icon - Akeeba Backup Notification 1.0 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
System - Regular Labs Library 18.5.26647 Regular Labs (Peter van Westen)
Editor - JCE 2.6.11 Ryan Demmer
System - CW Gears 0.5.2 Steven Palmer
System - Securitycheck 3.1.1 José A. Luque
System - Admin Tools 5.1.4 Nicholas K. Dionysopoulos
Content - JCE 2.6.11 Ryan Demmer
PLG_XMAP_COM_ACYMAILING rev 302 Branko Wilhelm
Extension - JCE 2.6.11 Ryan Demmer
Installer - JCE 2.6.11 Ryan Demmer
Quick Icon - JCE File Browser 2.6.0-pro-beta3 Ryan Demmer
PLG_SYSTEM_JQUERYEASY 1.6.9 Olivier Buisard
Content - AutoTweet and Joocial for Facebook OpenGraph Tags 8.20.0
System - CW Facebook JS 1.0.8 Steven Palmer
System - Google Analytics 4.6.1 Peter Bui
Editor - CodeMirror 5.38.0 Marijn Haverbeke
Editor - TinyMCE 4.5.8 Ephox Corporation
PLG_XMAP_COM_CONTENT 3.0 rev 302 Guillermo Vargas
PLG_XMAP_COM_WEBLINKS rev 301 Branko Wilhelm
PLG_XMAP_COM_TAGS rev 302 Branko Wilhelm
System - AutoTweet and Joocial Automator 8.20.0
System - AutoTweet and Joocial for Joomla! Content (Articles) 8.20.0
System - AutoTweet and Joocial for Social Profile Links 8.20.0
Autotweet - AutoTweet and Joocial for Composer Editor 8.20.0
PLG_SYSTEM_IMAGESIZER32FREE 3.2.4 Norbert Bayer - reDim
plg_content_osyoutube 3.3.11 Joomlashack
plg_system_ossystem 1.3.0 Joomlashack
PLG_SYS_EPRIVACY 2.14 Michael Richey
Template Version Author Website
purity_III 1.1.2


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