Not only is Train Travel very unreliable it is becoming ever more expensive, standing on a cold windy railway station waiting for a train that will most likely be late, with standing room only is not in my mind a pleasant form of travel. The GOOD NEWS IS .... We have the answer - firstly it goes direct from door to door with free parking ( in most cases ) at your destination.  So not only will you have a shorter journey time with less worry about delays, you will always have a guaranteed seat. This will mean more time at home a more relaxed and enjoyable commute to work ( riding a scooter or motorcycle is great fun ). The thing is I can only see positives, I cannot understand why anyone would want to use a form of transport that is both unreliable and in most cases unpleasant as well as being inconvenient ( you have to get to the station - and home again).  Yes I know it rains in England but it is the 21st Century we have excellent waterproofs that not only keep you dry they keep you warm as well in winter. The thing is the answer is so brilliant and simple for the life of me why does anyone puts up with the vagaries of train travel. 

So if like me you are fed up with Train Travel and delays and want an alternative that is fun I suggest you call us on 01243 782544 and find out just how easy it is to ride away on a brand new Scooter or Motorcycle.

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The Piaggio Liberty 125 the perfect learner legal commuter bike with stop start technology, amazing economy and if you call us we have some very special offers running on

new Vespa and Piaggio Scooters so call us on 01243 782544

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