As a company we are overwhelmed at the incredible support we have received worldwide. So many of you have taken the time not only to just like our page and comment on facebook, you have taken time from your busy lives to email support to ourselves and to Chichester Council about how we have been treated. Our inbox is full of hundreds and hundreds of emails of support, we are trying to reply to each of you for your incredible support, it might take a few days but I cannot tell you how thankful we are.

The outcome so far as we understand is as follows: - There is to be a new TRO ( Traffic Regulation Order ) for Chichester that will be advertised in July when we get details on how to view and vote we will let you know. As we understand Motorcycles will be treated as cars and no longer exempt, the waiting time will increased to 1 hour, a Motorcycle only FREE parking bay will be placed outside CMW Motorcycles (( the only question is how big it will be ) That will be available not for us but for any motorcyclist visiting Chichester, as a Company we do not need to park any bike in the street we have occasionally parked bikes there as so many motorists have been abusing the parking restrictions - if they can do it, so can we  !!! ).

This, apparently is how West Sussex County Council have been answering to questions regarding this topic.

We never asked for this we never had any idea Motorcycle Parking was Exempt our main complaint is the way Mr Ekinsmyth was actually trying to achieve a different outcome, no Motorcycle bay and us never find out Motorcycles were exempt by continuing to harrass us about parking bikes but ignored cars. Even this morning we had a parking warden recording registration numbers of bikes but did not appear very interested in cars. We have a deceitful unethical County Council, it seems we must all watch out.

Keep checking our pages we will let you know when this goes live. Thankyou for your support

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