After a huge amount of enquiries to the WSCC – they have finally admitted that motorbikes are in fact completely EXEMPT from ANY penalties or time restrictions when parking in the bay referred to throughout this whole debacle. For how long this has been the case, we don't know. But they have been very happy to ticket bikes the whole way through.

CMW Motorcycles have never been informed of this fact and the signage on the roadside claims ALL vehicles must abide by the parking restrictions. Motorbikes have been ticketed, motorcyclists have been harassed by the wardens AND the council have repeatedly told us to move bikes along - all the while knowingly CHARGING CMW’s for the privilege of parking bikes outside our business for over half an hour during open days and bike meets for customers without informing us that they could park there FOR FREE. 

Maybe this is what Mr Ekinsmyth was alluding to in his email re the removing of  motorcycles but anyone who has read his email might disagree. We feel the reason we have been excluded from his email exchange with Mr Carpenter is because of the repercussions the WSCC will receive should this become public knowledge. SO if you have ever received a ticket or been moved on by a warden while on a bike in The Hornet, I would urge you to step forward and contact the Parking Department at Chichester. We will ourselves be looking for compensation for the harassment we have experienced over the years by traffic wardens and for parking tickets that have been illegally issued. 

CMW Motorcycle customers have only ever parked for half an hour and have abided by the rules that the road signage implies and the traffic wardens have informed us of, to ALL vehicles parking there. Whilst we take further actions directly as a business in relation to the above, I would personally like to say a huge thank you all for your kind and considered support since we posted this yesterday and will make sure to post an update once we know more. Thank you again, Richard 


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