Yesterday afternoon, CMW Motorcycles were made aware of an email we were not supposed to see.

The email was from a Mr Andy Ekinsmyth - Head of Transport at West Sussex County Council to a Nick Carpenter, the owner of Male Concept Mens Hairdresser in the Hornet who, it appears, are attempting to BAN MOTORCYCLES in the Hornet in Chichester. 

A transcript of the email is as below - but the original is available to read by clicking HERE .

To add context, The Hornet in Chichester has a bay for parking running the length of the street on one side. Short stay half hour only parking for anyone and everyone. First come  - first parked. CMW Motorcycles is based in the Hornet - customers obviously park there when visiting the business but have NEVER parked anywhere other than in front of the business when visiting.

Owners of a few of the other businesses object to the Motorcycles, quite simply because they then are unable to park their own vehicles there instead....which they do, on  regular basis, until moved along. 

We see this as a direct attack on our business - a motorcycle shop - where so many of our customers come to visit us on bikes! As one of the oldest family-run businesses in the town - we have been operating in the same spot for over 60 years and so we are deeply saddened that Mr Ekinsmyth is colluding with one trader to ban all motorcycles from parking on our street. Why should motorcyclists not have the same rights as a car driver? And where does the injustice stop? If they ban motorcycles from The Hornet, right outside a motorcycle traders, will they soon ban motrocycles from the entire town? There is no reference in the email to extend the parking restriction for cars /vans etc or other businesses- only motorcycles. this is clearly further alluded to in its conclusion.

Further, and even more shockingly, Mr Ekinsmyth in his email states clearly that he has secured "staff resource "(at what cost and why?)  and "required funding" (again at what cost and why?) to ultimately "remove the Motorbikes."

This appears to be clear evidence of bias from a paid member of the County Council towards one business in favour of another. This is not fair and just behaviour from a representative of all. We have never met Mr Ekinsmyth. There has been no transparancy of proposed actions/no discussion of intended proposals with a  business likely to be affected, but instead an email sent with clear intention to ensure minimum time for involvment or objection from CMW Motorcycles. This email was forwarded to every other trader in the Hornet except for us. The only reason we were made aware is because of a few kind traders on the street who brought it to our attention.  

So who benefits from Mr Ekinsmyths proposals - clearly the other business  -but surely CMW Motorcycles is also a business there  - with, in fact,  the largest shop frontage and the largest Business Rate therefore being paid.

What has CMW Motorcycles "done" for Mr Ekinsmyth to divert  Council funding towards such a campaign?

Why has Mr Ekinsmyth not used his professional services and expertise equitably for ALL the businesses involved  -and that also includes CMW Motorcycles? 

Motorcyclists should not be punished for parking on two wheels. We would appreciate your support and would ask you to spend just a few minutes writing to us confirming that to


Email from Andy Ekinsmyth

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