It might be a little late, but the new Royal Enfield Himilayan will be here Saturday 16th December 2016. This bike is not only incredible value at just £4,199 on the road, it is also a very practical and rugged bike with its economical 400 cc engine "Adventure " styling this bike is the perfect "Round The World" bike light enough to pull out of the mud enough power to get yuo up any hill or mountain and being a 400 cc single it only sips petrol. So if you are off on a major adventure or just down to the shops this bike might be exactly what you are looking for. Call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information.

royalenfield himalayan bike 1

Come and see it for yourself Saturday 16th December at CMW Motorcycles The Hornet Chichester PO19 7JG

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