Michael Dunlop is truly a gifted road racer, the man is incredible, with the bare minimum of testing and development he managed to take the new GSXR1000R straight to the top of the podium in the Senior TT last week. I am not saying it was standard, it certainly needed a bit of specialist tweaking, and you cannot forget who was riding it either. In the hands of mere mortals I doubt it would have got anywhere near the podium. A poor worker might well blame his tools,  even the best cannot perform with rubbish tools so the Suzuki had to be exceptional to start with. I have to congratulate Michael Dunlop for riding so well and Suzuki for producing such a fantastic motorcycle. 

If you would like to find out for yourself just what a magnificent motorcycle the 2017 GSXR1000 is give Chris a call on 01243 782544 and book a test ride on a bike that is capable of winning the Senior TT. You cannot be anything other than impressed.


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