The new Suzuki GSXR1000 will arrive by the end of the March - official launch Date Sunday April 2nd. The same weekend as our first open test ride weekend, I cant wait!!!! Call us and make sure you book some test rides the new Aprilia's 

Yesterday reminded me just how enjoyable it is to ride a bike on a glorious day, to day is pretty dreadful but there will be a lot of days like yesterday over the next few weeks. If you have not got a bike then I suggest you give us a call, you might just be surprised how competitive we are on price. 2017 marks 70 years of selling bikes in Chichester to last this long has meant we can and do match prices, so before you rush off up North call Chris on 01243 782544 and shop locally, you might save a few quid at the same time.

I finally managed to get out on the new RSV4 yesterday - yes it is awesome. Quick Shift up and down is smooth and effortless it has auto blipper for the down shifts and is nearly as much fun as the upshifts. It has a lean angle and braking / acceleration meter the new colour dash board is so easy to read, the motor is just sublime, it needs a few careful miles to get run in, it just feels so good. Hopefully the new Tuono will be here very soon, then we will have the new GSXR1000 - This is going to be such an exciting year. These bikes are just the start there are loads more new models yet to come from GSX250 to the eagerly awaitied Royal Enfiled Himilayan. 


The 2017 GSXR1000 the press are raving about it -come and try it on April 2nd call Chris on 01243 782544

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