I keep saying it and the truth is,  right now is a very good time to buy your new bike for 2017. Suzuki have hinted on further price rises in both March and May. If you look at their price list there are a lot of prices to be announced and those that have been listed could very likely change in the wrong direction after initial deliveries. Aprilia and Moto Guzzi have announced 2017 prices and again these are still subject to change. Remember as new prices go up so the used bikes follow suit, yes it helps if you want to part exchange, but the gap will only get bigger. We have a few pre registered new Suzuki's at low prices but they are going fast. 2016 Royal Enfields that are only a little cheaper and don't have the added complexity of the 2017 models. We have good stocks of Moto Guzzi V7 and V9 with pretty stonking offers on them. Call in and have a chat you might be pleasantly surprised.  I can assure you buying now will be a very prudent thing to do. Yes 2017 models will be better, are they worth the extra cost- I leave that with you.

gsx s750 blu l8

The new GSX-S750 Suzuki £7,736 on the road if you order now - How much in June ???

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