No trains today - no trains on Friday - Just how long are you willing to keep taking this when their is a 100% reliable way to get to work, no queing on draughty platforms in the hope you can manage to squeeze yourself on the next train, no more extortionate season tickets. The answer is so simple- we have scooters and motorcycles that can easily do the daily commute, cost less to buy and run than travelling by train, take you straight from your door to your destination, they never strike, they don't cause traffic jams and will most likely half your commuting time. Why not call us on 01243 782544 and make 2017 the year you always get to work on time...... Stop complaining - ASLEF and the RMT dont seem to care, this has been going on all year. Take your destiny into your own hands - Be Independant - you really can do it !!!train


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