I really don’t think so and here is the reason why…..

It does not take a rocket scientist to know the pound has suffered a bit since June, it has depreciated at least 12-15% or more dependant on currency. At some point this has to be passed on. At present there are some incredible bargains a lot of bikes need to be registered as they are not Euro 4 compliant with some amazing discounts.

A couple of  examples we have 1 Aprilia TuonoRR left  the current 2017 price is now £14,999 on the road we are selling at £11,499 that is a saving of  £3,500

That is whole load of dosh !!!

We also have a MotoGP GSR750 Suzuki at £7249 with Akrapovic Silencer and loads of other goodies and a 3 year warranty. Do you really believe the new GSX-S750 will be less than £8750 next spring when it arrives with no Akrapovic and a large Euro 4 Silencer. The 2017 Suzuki’s might go back to a 24 month warranty as well.

At present we have a showroom full of similar bargains just come and ask us.

Suddenly all these bargains will be snapped up, the offers we are currently seeing will not last, as we all come to terms with the new prices, these bikes will start to go up as will used prices as they catch up with the price of new. I doubt the 0% Finance offers will be around in 2017 as virtually every bike will be new or modified for Euro4. All manufacturers will price as competitively as they can, there will not be room to subsidise the finance.

So to recap : Yes if you want a new bike this really is the time to buy......


The GSR750 MotoGP amazing value at £7249 and the 2017 equivalent will be considerably more !!!!!

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