If you want a bargain new motorcycle call us now remaining 2016 new bikes are an absolute "STEAL"

Piaggio have announced a price rise as of today 24/10/2016, I think it will be the first of many, it is not right accross the board but most models that will continue in 2017 have gone up. Euro 4 Compliant models will go up and as new Models are introduced we will see some unpleasant price increases. It certainly reiterates my last post, if you are thinking new bike then now is a very good time, not only will prices go up but there are some stonking offers on pre reg and new 2016 bikes. How much extra are you willing to pay for a Euro 4 spec bike - slightly lower emmissions ( and a massive silencer ) a few more electronic safety aids maybe and in the case of new Suzuki's they might revert back to a 24 month warranty. Remember a 10% lift in new prices will make used bikes more valuable too. We will revisit this post in April 2017 and see if my prediction is right.


GSX-S1000 Carbon Limited Edition with a £650 saving making this incredible bike only £9430 on the road with 12 months tax and a warranty that will last until October 2019, if you were looking for value then this has to be it.

Calling all GSX-S1000 owners there is a modified ECU that transforms your bike, if we have not contacted you call Alex or Tanya on 01243 782544 and get your bike modified it really does make the bike much easier to ride.

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