Yes we know it tried to snow last Thursday and its still mighty cold outside. The good news is we are only 6 weeks away from March and the new 17 registration plate. The year is flashing past already, and you dont have to be a rocket scientist to notice their are quite a few bargains floating around at the moment. As always prices start to rise as the weather gets better, suddenly it will be the middle of March and all the bargains will be gone. Even new models like the amazing new GSXR1000 are getting short and soon you will be looking June delivery, all the first shipment will be sold. The answer is to seriously think about what you want to do this Spring and Summer. At present we have a good range of very well priced bikes, some very spectacular deals on New but pre Registered Suzuki's only a few non Euro 4 Royal Enfields these are the simple traditional non ABS bikes, a good stock of 2016 V7 Moto Guzzi's that are £1000 cheeper than the 2017 model, and a very good selection of used bikes. 2017 will see some considerable price rises as the year progresses. All I can say is get in now while we have such well priced stock. Prices could be as much as 10% higher for many 2017 models, and this and the usual Spring shortage of used bikes will drag up prices accross the board.


The new 2017 GSXR1000 already selling very well, first deliveries late march 2017.

We have some amazing offers on Moto Guzzi eg : This immaculate V9 Roamer has done just 605 miles and is priced at £6,850.00, the curent new price is £8,699.00. That is a saving of £1,849.00. We also have a V9 Bobber with 1084 miles priced at just £7,195.00. These bikes will not be around for long, another few weeks and everything will get going. March 1st is 6 weeks away the new 17 registration will be out before you know it and we have lots of amazing offers on Moto Guzzi and Suzuki - New Pre registered and Brand new as well as some used bargains, but they will all be gone very soon, so come down and see us and save yourself ££££££.

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I cannot believe it yet more rail strikes. More people inconvenienced, more chaos. Why rely on a service that barely exists, just how much inconvenience must you have before you think " There Must Be A Better Way". There is an economical and convenient way to commute and generally get about, it goes from your door to your destination. It does not cause traffic jams, and it certainly will never "strike" . Powered two wheelers have to be the future, with super scooters that will cruise at the maximum speed limit and offer amazing weather protection to Motorcycles with heated grips and seats commuting on two wheels does not have to be cold and uncomfortable. Traffic Jams - you can slide through them like butter, there is a better way and we have the answers so give us a call - dont get held to ransom - regain your independance. Call 01243 782544 - You Know it Makes Sense !!


Royal Enfield have truly excelled, the new Euro 4 Compliant Classic 500 looks very neat. The bike just looks well thought out - yes it is a bit more technical it now has ABS and emissions have been reduced, but you have to look hard, and for 2017 it now comes with a Pillion seat. With only a £200 price hike it is still tremendous value for money at only £4,699 on the road.Rearbrake

Look how neat and tidy the rear disc brake has been incorporated.

We still have a few brand new unregistered 2016 models that are not quite as complex and a bit more traditional. If the thought of all this extra technology over complicates the reason for having a Royal Enfield give Chris a call on 01243 782544 and he can tell you how he can help... remember we only have a few left !!



We have two Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber 1 x Black and 1 x Grey that we are offering 0% APR Finance over 18 Months once these two bikes are sold we are unable to repeat this offer so get in fast. These bikes can be ordered today for delivery 1st March on the new "17" no plate. Remember we have just two bikes once they are sold that is it No More not on this offer.  -

Details of the Offer - Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber on the road including 12 months road tax £ 8,999.00 Deposit £ 749.96 Balance to Finance £ 8,249.04 repayable over 18 months with a monthly payment of £458.28 - Total Payable including deposit £8,999.00 APR 0% ( Subject to Status) 


Looks pretty cool and its a cracking bike to ride if you want to try one we will have a demo so give us a call.

For orders in January or February 2017 for delivery immediately or for March "17" Delivery on brand new Moto Guzzi V7 Stone and V7 Special MK2 we are offering a very special PCP rate of just 2.9% APR with a deposit of only £400.00 ( subject to status ). Stocks are limited we only have 4 Stones and 3 Specials left. This offer has to end on 28th February or when stock runs out. We recomend you call us on 01243 782544 or pop in and speak to Chris so he can give you a bespoke quotation to suit your personal circumstances. The APR will be 2.9% and that is a huge saving. 2017 will be the year you bought a brand new bike at CMW.

Rosso Essetre

Moto Guzzi V7 Special  £ 7636.00 on the road, available with a £400 deposit and APR of just 2.9% while stocks last. 

All of the staff at CMW wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We will be here between 10-3pm on Wednesday 28th December, Friday 30th and Saturday 31st December.

The Workshop will be closed for Servicing and MOT's until we reopen in 2017

Then from Tuesday 3rd January Back to Normal Hours


Today is the shortest day of the year - it is now all downhill until the Summer. 2017 is going to be a very special year Suzuki have a raft of exciting new bikes that will be arriving over the next few weeks. Moto Guzzi have the new V7Mk3's and Aprilia the new RSV4 RF and Tuono's. Yes there will be a few price rises for 2017 but here at CMW we will be doing some amazing offers on Pre registered Suzuki's and some Brand New V7 and V9 Moto Guzzi's and remaining RSV4 RF, Tuono's are sold out. The problem is these bargain bikes are limited in numbers we have plenty at the moment and as happens every spring they suddenly sell out. We will be posting various 2017 offers in the New Year Watch this space ...


The Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer available in Red or White RRP £8499.00 on the Road  - Call us on 01243 782544 You will be very surprised ........ Merry Christmas.. 

Suzuki have discovered through its rigorous product testing a problem that can affect the battery charging on certain Vstrom 650's from 2012 model year. This just proves how thorough Suzuki are, we have never come accross this problem before and most likely never will,  Suzuki have discovered a potential problem and that means replacing the "Stator Coils" on affected bikes. This will be done under warranty at no cost, letters will be coming out soon to bikes that are covered by this "Recall". If in doubt call on 01243 782544 or Mail Alex or Tanya with your chassis number and they will tell you if your bike needs to be repaired. Suzuki really do try very hard to ensure their products are the best if they discover any problem they get it sorted as a matter of urgency. 


DL650 models from 2012 are being recalled due to a stator fault call us on 01243 782544 fo more information

No trains today - no trains on Friday - Just how long are you willing to keep taking this when their is a 100% reliable way to get to work, no queing on draughty platforms in the hope you can manage to squeeze yourself on the next train, no more extortionate season tickets. The answer is so simple- we have scooters and motorcycles that can easily do the daily commute, cost less to buy and run than travelling by train, take you straight from your door to your destination, they never strike, they don't cause traffic jams and will most likely half your commuting time. Why not call us on 01243 782544 and make 2017 the year you always get to work on time...... Stop complaining - ASLEF and the RMT dont seem to care, this has been going on all year. Take your destiny into your own hands - Be Independant - you really can do it !!!train


We have all sorts of little oddments from Key Chains to T shirts - Helmets to Battery Chargers and lots more. If you are stuck and cannot think of the right gift this Christmas why not call in and have a look around. We might just have exactly what you have been looking for. 

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Here at CMW we can offer lots of alternatives we have Scooters and Motorcycles that burst through the traffic and go door to door. No more - waiting on draughty platforms. No more strikes - No more excuses for being late to work. The best part of all probably an extra 10 minutes in bed as your journey will be quicker and travelling on a powered two wheeler will most likely save you a small fortune as well. 

There is an alternative you dont have to be at the mercy of the train companies. Independance has to be the way forward being in control of your own journey. What about traffic congestion ?? - well on a scooter or motorcycle you just ride straight past it.

Call us on 01243 782544 you know it makes sense ......



The latest SuperSports bike from Suzuki will arrive in the UK last week of March 2017 priced at £13,249 plus on the road charges. This bike is going to be one very special motorcycle - dont miss out these bikes will be short and they will be good and pretty amazing value so call Chris now on 01243 782544 otherwise you might not get one......GSXR100R2017

Please note this piucture is of the " R " Model

Christmas Offer - Moto Guzzi V7 Mk2 Special fitted with FREE Genuine Moto Guzzi Touring Screen and Chrome rear Carrier worth £468.98. This is one of the last of the Mk2 Specials and looks very classy in the striking Black / Orange paint scheme. The Moto Guzzi V7 is a pleasure to ride with its torquey V twin fuel injected engine with maintenance free shaft drive fitted with ABS brakes and Moto Guzzi traction Control makes it safe and easy even in the current icy cold conditions. For a real world motorcycle The Moto Guzzi V7 is a very practical bike. We have only the one bike left so Call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information. The 2017 Moto Guzzi V7 Mk3 should be available around Christmas but the price is going to be considerably more.

DSCN3524 Small

The attractive Moto Guzzi V7 Mk2 with free Screen and Carrier

Christmas offer 1 bike only Brand New Suzuki DL1000 Gloss Silver Fitted with Adventure Kit worth £999.00 at the unrepeatable price of only £8,995.00 Plus on the road.  Total £9132.00 with a £1050 Deposit repayable monthly @ £149.75 per month for 36 months and a final payment of £4335 on month 37. APR 8.8%   That is with an annual mileage of 3,000 miles. This is an example we can taylor a finance package to suit you just call Chris on 01243 782544, deposits can go up or down and payments adjusted accordingly, mileages can also be increased. 2016 Is looking like a very good year to buy a new bike - prices next spring will definitely be higher - you have been warned.


2016 Model Suzuki DL1000AL6 fitted with FREE Adventure Kit only £8,995 plus Road tax and First registration fee ( 1 bike only )  

Incredible Christmas offers on Brand New Suzuki GSR750 Moto GP and GSX-S1000, we only have one of each left at prices we dare not print. Call us now on 01243 782544. It might just make your Christmas.