If you are looking for a bike that stands out this has to be a front runner - Classic Styling, Polished Mudguards, Chrome Tank, Billet Alloy Handlebar Clamps and Tank Cap and Genuine Leather Seat and Tank Strap. This bike oozes class and looks gorgeous in the flesh. Only one small problem this bike is Limited only a few are going to come into the UK so if you want one - DO NOT DELAY - Call Chris now on 01243 782544 you might regret missing out.......



Aprilia offer when you buy a brand new Aprilia  RS125 or Tuono 125 for delivery during May you will recieve this amazing made to measure Aprilia Riding Leather Jacket.  This offer ends at the end of May so call Chris on 01243 782544 and find out more.

Aprilia Racing Street leather jacket Small

Due to the terrible shortage of 2017 GSXR1000 Suzuki have managed to obtain a very limited number of Red GSXR1000 we are one of the fortunate dealers to get one. Priced at £13739.00 on the road this special Limited Edition Bike will arrive hopefully next week. Interested in having something a bit unusual then call Chris on 01243 782544 and make sure you are first.

GSX R1000AL7 YVZ Diagonal 

The incredible new GSX-S750 Suzuki is here now at CMW's in Chichester and available to test ride. Remember our test ride weekend 6th 7th May and we will have the full range of 2017 Suzuki's Aprilia's Moto Guzzi's and Royal Enfields. Call us on 01243 782544 for more information and to book your dream test ride.

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The 2nd CMW Test Ride Event is next weekend, we have finally got a full range of demo bikes. From Suzuki The awesome new GSXR1000, the new DL650 and DL1000 Vstroms, and the new GSX-S1000 and 750's. From Moto Guzzi The California Touring, the 2017 V9 Bobber with updated seat and footrests and the new V7Mk3 Special. Aprilia the new Euro 4 Spec RSV4 RF and Tuono Factory, both bikes very much updated and even better than the 2016 models and you might remember I thought last years were truly amazing this years bikes I have yet to find the words for - they have rendered me speechless they really are that good. Lastly we have the Royal Enfield's sadly the Himilayan has yet to arrive, we do have the Euro 4 Continental GT and Classic for you to ride, both these bikes have improved for 2017.

So give Chris or me a call on 01243 782544 and book a test ride on one of these bikes. The bikes we sell are a little bit different from the run of the mill BMW/ Honda/ Harley etc. Motorcycling is exciting, a passion, you need to find out what drives your passion and the only way is to experience it first hand - this is your chance.


Get a free made to measure official Aprilia kangaroo leather race suit when you purchase a brand new 2017 Tuono Factory or RSV4RF this May. Or if you have not passed your test just yet, buy a new 2017 RS125 or Tuono 125 you will get a free Aprilia Leather Riding Jacket. This offer runs through May only so don't delay call us now on 01243 782544.

Remember if you want to ride a 2017 Aprilia V4 around Silverstone next Friday 5th May book now at http://motolive.co.uk/   

akra marmitta logo 320x320


Have you ever wondered just how good a 2017 Aprilia RSV4 RF or Tuono Factory is on the Track. Here is your chance. Friday 5th April Silverstone Circuit there will be RSV4 RF's and Tuono Factory's for you to ride in a safe and controled environment. To register click here or go to http://motolive.co.uk/ this is completely free of charge. 

If you order a new Tuono Factory or RSV4 RF for delivery in may 2017 you will get a free Aprilia Leather Race Suit for more information call us on 01243 782544

Aprilia RSV4 RF test 2017 Action

The new Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber when it came out last year was a "Cracker" smooth torquey engine, cool styling and a whole lot of fun. For 2017 the basic bike remains unchanged, the seat has been improved and the footrests have been moved back into a more traditional position, to me this makes it all feel a bit more comfortable. The front wheel with its large section tyre often gets a few comments but the reality is the bike steers and handles beautifully. All in all this is a really well sorted bike that has been tweaked the right way for 2017.  

There is only one way you will find out just how good this bike is, and that is to come and try our demo bike. Our next test ride weekend is on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th May. We have the bike hear all the time so give Chris a call on 01243 782544 for more information. 

bobber nero latdx

Suzuki have produced a winner, the problem is demand has outstripped supply, at present we have 1 bike available it is due in tomorrow, after that Suzuki cannot even give us a delivery date. Fantastic for Suzuki they have sold out, not so good for us as we need more bikes. I think this will be the story of 2017, we have stocks of most bikes in at the moment RSV4's, Tuono Factories, GSXR1000 plus many more, but replacing them seems to be the problem and most manufacturers seem to be in the same boat - no motorbikes !!! All I can suggest is - dont delay if you are thinking on anything new this year dont wait, everything is going to be in short supply. Dont say I did not warn you !!!

IMG 2980



Finally our 2017 Tuono 1100 Factory Demo bike has arrived, and it is even better than the 2016 model. The riding position is so comfortable the V4 engine is sublime, the quickshift both up and down is just so easy to use, the brakes are better the suspension improved and as for power and torque it is just mind blowing. This bike is a beast, ik now the competition is pretty strong but the Tuono is just one very very special motorcycle. It still retains my title of the best bike ever built the quality of build and ride, steering and performance is second to none. Dont believe me then call Chris on 01243 782544 and find out for yourself !!!


We have Aprilia RSV4 RF and Tuono Factory Demos as well as Moto Guzzi V7 Mk3, V9  Bobber and California, 2017 Suzuki GSXR1000, GSX-S1000F, GSX-S750 and DL650 call Chris for more information and to book your test ride. 

2017 has just got a whole let better we have got the new Suzuki GSXR1000 here now all ready for launch day Sunday 2nd April. We just need to get it out of the box, PDI'd and a few miles on the clock ready for Sunday. Can't wait to try it out. More pictures to follow once it is ready to go.





Finally a glorious weekend,  it all makes sense again, motorcycling is pretty good anyway but on a pleasant sunny day like last weekend and today - totally amazing... Not too hot so it is comfortable in your riding gear, clear skies and open roads what more could you ever ask for. If you need proof that summer is on its way, this weather says it all.

This weekend we are having our first " Test Ride Event" for 2017  I am hopping the weather will hold for a few more days. Get on the phone and give us a call to book your test ride, slots are beginning to fill up. 

The 2017 Suzuki GSXR1000 is to be Launched on Sunday 2nd April, so make sure you are here on Sunday to see this bike that promises to be not only the " Best Value " Superbike of 2017 it also has one of the highest specifications of any 2017 bike and makes most of the opposition look a little sick and very overpriced. These bikes are selling fast interest is really very high, if you want to experience this bike I suggest you call Chris on 01243 782544 very soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend so make a note and come down to CMW this weekend.






CMW Test ride event is GO GO GO - Call us now on 01243 782544 and book your test ride.  Experience something different and exciting take a " Ride on the Wild Side " !!!  

2017 Model Bikes available Suzuki GSXR1000, GSX-S750, GSX-S1000, DL650 and DL1000. Moto Guzzi California Touring, V9 Bobber, V7 Mk3 Special. Royal Enfield Continental GT ABS, Classic EFi ABS. Aprilia RSV4 RF and hopefully Tuono Factory. All of these bikes are the latest 2017 models. We will have some very very special offers over the weekend only available in store so do not miss it.

2017 has already started on a high, new models have been a little slow to come through, as of next week they will be coming in thick and fast. The clocks go forward this weekend and Spring is well and truly on its way. Get ready the better weather is nearly here !!!!

bikes 074

So the new Mk3 V7 is here looks very similar and that is where it finishes.... Wow - it is so much improved, easier to ride, better suspension, improved riding position, improved throttle response the list goes on and on.  The Mk2 was lovely, with these improvements the Mk3 has really put the " Cat amongst the Pidgeons " !!!  The V9 Bobber and Roamer had similar improvements last year.  If you have not ridden a Moto Guzzi then you should try one of these Mk3 V7's you will come away very impressed if you want a little more "Grunt " then maybe the V9 is for you.

We still have a good range of 2016 V7 Stones and Specials still at last years price and that is £1000 less than the 2017 bikes. We also have some Bobbers and Roamers at 2016 prices so give us a call on 01243 782544 and treat yuorself whilst we still have a few old price bikes left.

Moto Guzzi V7III Special

The new 2017 Moto Guzzi V7 Special Mk3 Priced at £8,699.00 on the road including 12 months Road Tax

The new Suzuki GSXR1000 will arrive by the end of the March - official launch Date Sunday April 2nd. The same weekend as our first open test ride weekend, I cant wait!!!! Call us and make sure you book some test rides the new Aprilia's 

Yesterday reminded me just how enjoyable it is to ride a bike on a glorious day, to day is pretty dreadful but there will be a lot of days like yesterday over the next few weeks. If you have not got a bike then I suggest you give us a call, you might just be surprised how competitive we are on price. 2017 marks 70 years of selling bikes in Chichester to last this long has meant we can and do match prices, so before you rush off up North call Chris on 01243 782544 and shop locally, you might save a few quid at the same time.

I finally managed to get out on the new RSV4 yesterday - yes it is awesome. Quick Shift up and down is smooth and effortless it has auto blipper for the down shifts and is nearly as much fun as the upshifts. It has a lean angle and braking / acceleration meter the new colour dash board is so easy to read, the motor is just sublime, it needs a few careful miles to get run in, it just feels so good. Hopefully the new Tuono will be here very soon, then we will have the new GSXR1000 - This is going to be such an exciting year. These bikes are just the start there are loads more new models yet to come from GSX250 to the eagerly awaitied Royal Enfiled Himilayan. 


The 2017 GSXR1000 the press are raving about it -come and try it on April 2nd call Chris on 01243 782544

Yes it is here and wow .... it is a very special piece of kit, I think we are one of the first dealers to have their demo ready to test, and we have a new one ready to go as well. The list of changes for 2017 goes on and on - Suspension.Yes massive improvements - Brakes. Yes massive improvements - Electronics. Yes massive improvements - Engine. Yes massive improvements basically all new !! - Amazing full colour display, adjustments on the fly - quickshift both up and down - bluetooth connectivity the list goes on and on. This bike is fitted with top quality components accross the board, the level of finish puts most bikes to shame, this Aprilia oozes quality - yes its £19,999.00 on the road, is it worth it - Oh my god YES ..