This is an offer that will run until 31/01/2018 Brand new Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Mk2 just £6,499 on the road with 12 months road tax and includes the Moto Guzzi 24 month warranty. The best part is with a £1,099 deposit the balance can be paid by 36 equal monthly payments of £150.00 per month. On month 36 you own 100% of the bike no balloon its all yours and the total amount payable over the 36 months is £ 6,499 no interest charges nothing APR 0%.  When you look on Biketrader and see 2016 used V7 Stones at £5,995 it makes these brand new bikes pretty good value especially when you add in the 0% APR Finance.  Interested, then I suggest you call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information. Written quotations on request. Stock is limited and once sold no more will be available, these are the last of the line.......

DSCN4410 Small

Next offer comes out Monday 18th at 5.30pm

Another exciting Royal Enfield the " Classic Black Stealth" is now in stock and it looks amazing " Crinkle" finish black engine with subtle chrome fittings this bike really does stand out - Priced at £ 4,999 with  very limited numbers this winter - call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information.....

00001234 006 Small

The truth is you are saving £1000 as we had already reduced this bike to £5,999 it is now just £5399.00 plus Road tax and first reg fee. This bike is fitted with Suzuki's genuine Cafe Racer Kit, to make it look that bit special and different to your average SV650. The SV650 is a cracking little bike smooth economical and punchy 650 V twin it is an easy and lightweight bike to ride and this bike is most definitely priced to sell. You have until 5.30pm on Monday 18th december unless you get beaten to it so give Chris a call on 01243 782544 and start a serious discussion.

00001140 003 Small

 Dont froget to see No 11 Tomorrow at 5.00 pm it might be just what you are looking for....

This exciting new bike has been a little elusive to say the least. Finally it is here - It had to be 100% before it hit the European Market. Priced at just £4,199 on the road with 12 months road tax it is incredible value for money. This is a bike to commute, have fun and just ride, or with the Royal Enfield Luggage Kit at £ 499.00 inc VAT the perfect bike for that "Round The World trek". Do you really need a massive heavy complex bike, or is a light economical and more basic bike the way forward. We have more bikes arriving next week and our demo should be ready in the New Year 2018 looks like it is going to be a very interesting year for Royal Enfield not only will be seeing the Himilayan we also have the 650cc Twins arriving in the Summer -Cant Wait ......

IMG 3870

This bike is a real cracker it is immaculate we originally had it priced at £6495 and it has been reduced to £5,999 for our Christmas countdown it is now £5250.00. It is a cracking example of this iconic bike if you have not seen this one you really should it is gorgeous you have until Saturday 16th December at 5.00pm unlesss you get beaten to it. I will be honest I would prefer this bike not to sell as we are taking a fair old hit on it. We paid top money as it is such a lovely example but to make our Christmas Countdown a little more exciting here it is. So call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information and maybe catch yourself a bargain...

00001177 009 Small 

Dont forget to check out No 10 on Friday 15th december

Brand new latest model from Suzuki the exciting GSXR250R  Moto GP Edition 1 bike only £400 saving this bike is styled in Classic Suzuki Sports bike styling and with its MotoGP colour scheme stands out from the crowd. and priced at just £3,999 plus Road Tax and First reg fee makes this quite a bargain. You have until Friday 15th December at 5.30 pm to make your mind up unless you get beaten to it. I suggest you call Chris now on 01243 782544 and get your order in as we will never match this deal again........

IMG 3330

Dont forget to check our website again tomorrow to see what other amazing bargains we have ....

Mega bargain commuter scooter currently up for sale at £2,495 Christmas Countdown offer just £1,999 save £496. It is 2016 model 200cc  with only 3760 miles on the clock and lovely condition. You have until 5.30pm on Wednesday 13th December unless you get beaten to it. This is a cracking little scooter, perfect for beating that rush hour traffic with enough get up and go with its 200cc economical engine and smooth automatic transmission, add excellent weather protection and you can save a fortune on that daily commute as well as a lot of time. Call Chris on 01243 782544 and snap it up while its this price.

00001211 001 Small 

Don't forget to look tomorrow you might miss the bargain of a lifetime !!!

The ultimate retro Cafe Racer Royal Enfield Continental GT red brand New E3 Model 1 bike only fitted with a sports silencer worth £150. With its punchy 535cc single cylinder engine and sporty sounding exhaust this is a bike to turn heads priced at just £4,299 plus Road tax and First reg fee this really is a deal to think on. We have just one bike at this incredible price ( we have sold used GT's for more ) . Can be registered in January 2018 don't miss this bargain bike -you might well regret it...

Call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information you have until Tuesday the 12th December 5.30pm unless someone else beats you to it !!!!!!

IMG 3855

It might be a little late, but the new Royal Enfield Himilayan will be here Saturday 16th December 2016. This bike is not only incredible value at just £4,199 on the road, it is also a very practical and rugged bike with its economical 400 cc engine "Adventure " styling this bike is the perfect "Round The World" bike light enough to pull out of the mud enough power to get yuo up any hill or mountain and being a 400 cc single it only sips petrol. So if you are off on a major adventure or just down to the shops this bike might be exactly what you are looking for. Call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information.

royalenfield himalayan bike 1

Come and see it for yourself Saturday 16th December at CMW Motorcycles The Hornet Chichester PO19 7JG

Brand New Suzuki 125 Burgman Scooter in stunning white latest Euro 4 Model with ABS this practical little commuter is perfect for getting threough the traffic . Massive underseat storage space economical 4 stroke fully automatic engine comfy riding position with excellent weather protection. All this with a £350 saving I suggest its time you call Chris on 01243 782544 and snap this bargain up before you get beaten to it. You have until Friday 8th December at 5.30pm unless you get beaten to the goal post so call him now.

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Dont forget to check out no 4 tomorrow at 5.30



Brand new pre registered Sept 2017, 0 Miles Suzuki Hayabusa in Balck New Price on the road £11739 Save well over £2000 Christmas Countdown price £9,250 plus Road Tax.   You have until Monday 11th December at 5.30 pm to take up this offer unless previously sold. So call Chris now on 01243 782544 for more information Don't miss out on this Bargain.....


Not For you best check our website at 5.00pm Saturday 9th December

Brand new Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer white This has to be a Christmas Bargain fitted with a touring screen, accessory mirrors and grips and priced at £7249 plus road tax and first registration fee normally £8699 plus the accessories.

The Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer was first introduced in 2016 with its punchy 850cc V twin engine low seat height and semi custom styling it certainly does stand out from the crowd, this one is fitted with a genuine Moto Guzzi Touring Screen Mirrors and Alloy Grips worth over £500 Call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information. This offer will end when sold or on Saturday 9th December at 5.00pm - It will not be repeated.

IMG 3853 Small

What bike will be next ???? Better check our website tomorrow.....

Brand New Royal Enfield Classic 500 Black non ABS 1 bike only normally £4499 plus road tax and first Reg fee Save £500 CMW price until Wednesday 6th December at5.30pm unless sold £3,999.00 plus road tax and first reg fee.

The Royal Enfield Classic 500 is the ultimate retro with styling straight from the 1950's but with 21st century electronics and reliability a 24 month warranty 5 speed gearbox and most important a push button starter !!! For more information call Chris on 01243 782544.

Black 1

A bargain Classic not for you then maybe have a look tomorrow at 5.30pm

Pre Registered  Moto Guzzi MGX-21 with 480 Miles  New Price £19,999.00 on the road Currently for sale at £ 16,499 CMW 2 Day offer price £14,799.00. Offer Ends 5.30pm Tuesday 5th December.

One of only 10 in the UK. Very special! BLACK, What can be said about this incredible motorcycle. Amazing 1400cc V twin shaft drive,turbine smooth & bags of torque - State of the Art Infomedia Bluetooth System built in speakers, panniers stunning looks and its available for immediate delivery today. This bike will always be unusual and only 10 bikes available in the UK. If you want to stand out from the crowd and ride a motorcycle like no other call Chris on 01243 782544 for more


Check out the next offer at 5.30pm on Monday 4th December

To make this Christmas a little bit Special we are running some very special 2 Day offers on specific new and used bikes. The first offer will be posted at 5.00pm tonight Saturday 2nd and will run until sold or 5.30pm on Tuesday 5th December. The next offer will be posted at 5.30pm on Monday 4th and expire either when sold or at 5.30pm on Wednesday, we will be posting another special offer at closing time every day we are open, the last day being Wednesday 20th December. To qualify any machine sold must be completed by Wednesday 31st Jan 2018.

So watch this space or check Twitter or Facebook you might miss out on the bargain of a lifetime !!!!!!Hayab2017

This will be one of the unrepeatable bargains -if you want a 0 mile Hayabusa better keep checking our website ...... 


Interest in the new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 and Continental GT 650 has been staggering. The biggest problem is the bikes are unlikely to arrive until the middle of Summer 2018 and the way things are going the first batches of bikes will be sold out long before they arrive in the UK. We have already taken numerous deposits on these two bikes, I suggest if you are interested it would be worth calling Chris and having a chat ... The good news for early 2018 is the new Himilayan will be in our showroom from January and priced at only £4,199 on the road is going to be fantastic value. 2018 is only a few weeks away and already the amount of interest in the 2018 Royal Enfields is encouraging - Global Domination it might be just round the corner .....


Dont know the price yet but should be under £6,000 on the road ?!!!