Just arrived Moto Guzzi V7 Carbon Shine - a very limited edition Moto Guzzi and it looks pretty special now it has arrived in the showroom. We will be getting just the one bike so if you want a Moto Guzzi with a difference that stands out from the crowd this has to  be the bike for you - Call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information.

Remember we are still running the 0% APR offer on the V7 Special untiol stock run out so call us and see how easy it is to ride away a new Moto Guzzi V7 this September with the new " 68 " Plate .......

20180611125204 1100x726 Small

The rather shiny V7 Carbon Shine 


Not only is Train Travel very unreliable it is becoming ever more expensive, standing on a cold windy railway station waiting for a train that will most likely be late, with standing room only is not in my mind a pleasant form of travel. The GOOD NEWS IS .... We have the answer - firstly it goes direct from door to door with free parking ( in most cases ) at your destination.  So not only will you have a shorter journey time with less worry about delays, you will always have a guaranteed seat. This will mean more time at home a more relaxed and enjoyable commute to work ( riding a scooter or motorcycle is great fun ). The thing is I can only see positives, I cannot understand why anyone would want to use a form of transport that is both unreliable and in most cases unpleasant as well as being inconvenient ( you have to get to the station - and home again).  Yes I know it rains in England but it is the 21st Century we have excellent waterproofs that not only keep you dry they keep you warm as well in winter. The thing is the answer is so brilliant and simple for the life of me why does anyone puts up with the vagaries of train travel. 

So if like me you are fed up with Train Travel and delays and want an alternative that is fun I suggest you call us on 01243 782544 and find out just how easy it is to ride away on a brand new Scooter or Motorcycle.

Liberty3 1100x786 1

The Piaggio Liberty 125 the perfect learner legal commuter bike with stop start technology, amazing economy and if you call us we have some very special offers running on

new Vespa and Piaggio Scooters so call us on 01243 782544

Order a brand new Piaggio Beverly 300/350 or Vespa GTS300 and get a free tracker. This will go a long way to help reduce insurance premiums and keep our new scooter safe. For more information call us on 01243 782544. We have GTS300 Super and SuperSport as well as Beverly 300 and 350 available for immediate delivery, so give us a call on 01243 782544 for more information.


The Vespa GTS300 Supersport now available with a free TRACKER

Looking for your 1st 125 - well this bike has to be it. All the style and looks of the Factory Gresini Aprilia MotoGP bike, yet this little bike is learner legal with its 125cc 4 stroke engine. The best part is we can supply it with upto 36 months 0%APR finance so give Chris a call on 01243 782544 for more information.

After being in the embarassing postion of running out of Tuono Factory's you will be pleased to know 1 turned up this morning and another 4 or 5 should be with us before Italy closes officially for August -well they should be on a lorry anyway. We have one Tuono RR as well so if you are looking for a bargain Aprilia V4 with it's state of the art electronics that is also passenger friendly and if you buy it in August we have a very special deal for you - so give Chris a quick call.You might be surprised.

Before you think you will get the best deal at some of our competitors with their tempting adverts of cancelled sales and bikes that are new but turn out to be Pre-Registered etc we can normally beat those deals. So if you are looking for a new Piaggio or Vespa Scooter a bargain V7 or a Tuono Factory we make buying a bike easy, we answer the phone, we know about what we are selling and we help you get the best out of your purchase we are not metal shifters. We are a motorcycle dealer that wants you to come back if you have a problem or just want to pop in for a chat we want to know how you are getting on. Most importantly we want you to be happy,  

IMG 4598

What a beautiful bike the Aprilia RS4 125 Replica £4,799 on the road upto 36 months 0%APR Finance - Call Chris on 01243 782544 and see what sort of a deal we can arrange for you.

We have one Red Vespa GTS125 Touring normally priced at £4,999 special CMW price of just £4,499 on the road with 12 months tax. This bike is fitted with a touring rear rack and front rack as well as a stylish sports screen. Looking for a stylish practical commuter then this is for you. and you will save £500. Call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information.

Yes you can look on the Internet and you might think the offers elsewhere are better but we have not been in business for 70 years by not competing, call us we want to make buying a new scooter or motorcycle a pleasant experience, we are at the end of the telephone and you will always see the same faces, we look after our customers - we want you to come back, if you have a problem we are here to sort it out call us. Unfortunatley we cannot offer the same service on bikes we do not supply.

gtstour3 Small

The pretty Vespa GTS125 Touring fully equipped and you save £500 - dont miss this opportunity 1 bike only

We have 1 Blue and 1 Black  Moto Guzzi V7 Specials that we are offering 24 months 0% Apr finance. Priced at £8699.00 on the road, with  only a £2,175 deposit the 24 monthly repayments are only £271.84 per month - Total Amount Payable £8,699.00. The Moto Guzzi V7 Special is the ultimate modern retro it has always had twin shocks the same styled Vtwin shaft drive engine and just like the Porsche 911 it has morphed and evolved to become what it is today. Yes it is the same brilliant idea from the 1970's but with a modern take it is not a modern bike made to look retro but a retro bike made modern. The only way to find out just how good the Moto Guzzi V7 Special is to come and try one so call us on 01243 782544 and book your testride......

Moto Guzzi V7III Special

The classic retro Moto Guzzi V7 Special Mk3 



Buy a brand new Aprilia RS125 - Tuono 125 - SX125 - RX125 and get upto 36 months 0% APR Finance for example a brand new RX125 Aprilia is only £3,399 on the road with just a £399.00 deposit the 36 equal monthly payments would be £83.34 per month total payable £ 3,399  That has to be the best value 125 Enduro styled motorcycle on the market and the Super Motard SX125 is exactly the same price.

Call Chris now on 01243 782544 for more information.

RX 125 Small


After a bit of a delay we have finally got another Aprilia SX125 back into stock, it has been such a popular little bike and being priced at only £3399 on the road is amazing value.  The Royal Enfield Himilayan is now available in Camo grey and i think it looks pretty special, the next delivery will be mid July. At the same time we should get the first Royal Enfield Pegasus Limited Edition bikes, although it might well be mid August before we will get some free bikes again Royal Enfield have really got their act together this year. The only downside is we have no news on the new 650 Twins watch this space as soon as we get any news we will tell you.

IMG 4535

The new Royal Enfield in its Camo Grey lookr pretty special



As a company we are overwhelmed at the incredible support we have received worldwide. So many of you have taken the time not only to just like our page and comment on facebook, you have taken time from your busy lives to email support to ourselves and to Chichester Council about how we have been treated. Our inbox is full of hundreds and hundreds of emails of support, we are trying to reply to each of you for your incredible support, it might take a few days but I cannot tell you how thankful we are.

The outcome so far as we understand is as follows: - There is to be a new TRO ( Traffic Regulation Order ) for Chichester that will be advertised in July when we get details on how to view and vote we will let you know. As we understand Motorcycles will be treated as cars and no longer exempt, the waiting time will increased to 1 hour, a Motorcycle only FREE parking bay will be placed outside CMW Motorcycles (( the only question is how big it will be ) That will be available not for us but for any motorcyclist visiting Chichester, as a Company we do not need to park any bike in the street we have occasionally parked bikes there as so many motorists have been abusing the parking restrictions - if they can do it, so can we  !!! ).

This, apparently is how West Sussex County Council have been answering to questions regarding this topic.

We never asked for this we never had any idea Motorcycle Parking was Exempt our main complaint is the way Mr Ekinsmyth was actually trying to achieve a different outcome, no Motorcycle bay and us never find out Motorcycles were exempt by continuing to harrass us about parking bikes but ignored cars. Even this morning we had a parking warden recording registration numbers of bikes but did not appear very interested in cars. We have a deceitful unethical County Council, it seems we must all watch out.

Keep checking our pages we will let you know when this goes live. Thankyou for your support

IMG 4503



After a huge amount of enquiries to the WSCC – they have finally admitted that motorbikes are in fact completely EXEMPT from ANY penalties or time restrictions when parking in the bay referred to throughout this whole debacle. For how long this has been the case, we don't know. But they have been very happy to ticket bikes the whole way through.

CMW Motorcycles have never been informed of this fact and the signage on the roadside claims ALL vehicles must abide by the parking restrictions. Motorbikes have been ticketed, motorcyclists have been harassed by the wardens AND the council have repeatedly told us to move bikes along - all the while knowingly CHARGING CMW’s for the privilege of parking bikes outside our business for over half an hour during open days and bike meets for customers without informing us that they could park there FOR FREE. 

Maybe this is what Mr Ekinsmyth was alluding to in his email re the removing of  motorcycles but anyone who has read his email might disagree. We feel the reason we have been excluded from his email exchange with Mr Carpenter is because of the repercussions the WSCC will receive should this become public knowledge. SO if you have ever received a ticket or been moved on by a warden while on a bike in The Hornet, I would urge you to step forward and contact the Parking Department at Chichester. We will ourselves be looking for compensation for the harassment we have experienced over the years by traffic wardens and for parking tickets that have been illegally issued. 

CMW Motorcycle customers have only ever parked for half an hour and have abided by the rules that the road signage implies and the traffic wardens have informed us of, to ALL vehicles parking there. Whilst we take further actions directly as a business in relation to the above, I would personally like to say a huge thank you all for your kind and considered support since we posted this yesterday and will make sure to post an update once we know more. Thank you again, Richard 



Yesterday afternoon, CMW Motorcycles were made aware of an email we were not supposed to see.

The email was from a Mr Andy Ekinsmyth - Head of Transport at West Sussex County Council to a Nick Carpenter, the owner of Male Concept Mens Hairdresser in the Hornet who, it appears, are attempting to BAN MOTORCYCLES in the Hornet in Chichester. 

A transcript of the email is as below - but the original is available to read by clicking HERE .

To add context, The Hornet in Chichester has a bay for parking running the length of the street on one side. Short stay half hour only parking for anyone and everyone. First come  - first parked. CMW Motorcycles is based in the Hornet - customers obviously park there when visiting the business but have NEVER parked anywhere other than in front of the business when visiting.

Owners of a few of the other businesses object to the Motorcycles, quite simply because they then are unable to park their own vehicles there instead....which they do, on  regular basis, until moved along. 

We see this as a direct attack on our business - a motorcycle shop - where so many of our customers come to visit us on bikes! As one of the oldest family-run businesses in the town - we have been operating in the same spot for over 60 years and so we are deeply saddened that Mr Ekinsmyth is colluding with one trader to ban all motorcycles from parking on our street. Why should motorcyclists not have the same rights as a car driver? And where does the injustice stop? If they ban motorcycles from The Hornet, right outside a motorcycle traders, will they soon ban motrocycles from the entire town? There is no reference in the email to extend the parking restriction for cars /vans etc or other businesses- only motorcycles. this is clearly further alluded to in its conclusion.

Further, and even more shockingly, Mr Ekinsmyth in his email states clearly that he has secured "staff resource "(at what cost and why?)  and "required funding" (again at what cost and why?) to ultimately "remove the Motorbikes."

This appears to be clear evidence of bias from a paid member of the County Council towards one business in favour of another. This is not fair and just behaviour from a representative of all. We have never met Mr Ekinsmyth. There has been no transparancy of proposed actions/no discussion of intended proposals with a  business likely to be affected, but instead an email sent with clear intention to ensure minimum time for involvment or objection from CMW Motorcycles. This email was forwarded to every other trader in the Hornet except for us. The only reason we were made aware is because of a few kind traders on the street who brought it to our attention.  

So who benefits from Mr Ekinsmyths proposals - clearly the other business  -but surely CMW Motorcycles is also a business there  - with, in fact,  the largest shop frontage and the largest Business Rate therefore being paid.

What has CMW Motorcycles "done" for Mr Ekinsmyth to divert  Council funding towards such a campaign?

Why has Mr Ekinsmyth not used his professional services and expertise equitably for ALL the businesses involved  -and that also includes CMW Motorcycles? 

Motorcyclists should not be punished for parking on two wheels. We would appreciate your support and would ask you to spend just a few minutes writing to us confirming that to richard@cmwmotorcycles.com


Email from Andy Ekinsmyth

£800.00 worth of free accessories on Moto Guzzi V7 and V9 - Free Genuine Vespa Leather Back back worth over £300 when you buy a new Vespa Primavera 50/125 . Titanium E4 Silencer worth £1500 when you buy a new RSV4. On top of that we are also offering upto 24 months 0% APR finance with a 20% deposit on most new Vespa - Piaggio - Moto Guzzi and Aprilia motorcycles - Subject to status.All these offers end 30th June so hurry up and call Chris on 01243 782544 and make sure you order your new bike and take advantage of these incredible offers.


The Learner Legal Aprilia SX and RX 125 can be ridden by a 17 year old with CBT and priced at just £3,399 on the road call us to see just what amazing value these bikes can be .......

From now until June 30th you can get upto £800.00 worth of genuine Moto Guzzi Accessories completely free when you but any Moto Guzzi V7 Mk3 even the limited edition models or Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer or Bobber. That means not only will you get an iconic classic Italian motorcycle you can make it bespoke by adding £800 worth of genuine Moto Guzzi accessories. Call Chris now on 01243 782544 to find out more .

We have both the V7 Mk3 and V9 Bobber as demonstrators as well as the full range of V7 limited edition models along with the Stone and Special's so you can try the bikes out for yourselves. We also have some special offers on 2017 model Bobber and Roamer. So make sure you come and have a look.

V9 Bobber blue lato DX Small

The 2018 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber with £800 worth of free accessories 



Due to the new Europe Wide Data Protection laws that come out on the 25th May it has meant we can no longer contact you without your permission. Therefore  no MOT or Service reminders without your permission, nor can we notify you of anything motorcycling related, special offers, safety notifications etc. In the past we have tried not to swamp you with calls and emails, we have responded to enquiries, as you would expect. Your privacy is important to us but if you would like us to continue sending out reminders and any information that we feel might be of interest, please send us on email with your name and contact number to sales@cmwmotorcycles.com . We will then mark your details to say we can contact you. Then we can carry on as we always have done giving you the information that you need.