Still waiting on that cold windy platform for yet another delayed or postponed train, or stuck in traffic - all you want is to get to work. Do you enjoy being held to ransom at a train drivers whim, do you enjoy sitting in your car going nowhere and then struggling to find a parking space - a five mile journey that takes 30 minutes. Maybe you enjoy the vagaries of commuting - will I get to work for 9.00am or lunchtime ?  We have the alternative - it goes from door to door - it does not cause congestion ( in fact if more of us use powered two wheelers it will reduce ) It is definitely better for the environment, you will save money on your commute, you will save time on your commute ( more time in bed !!! ), you will reduce your stress levels. Suddenly you will discover " Commuting is FUN " . To get all these benefits I would recommend giving Chris a call on 01243 782544 -we have a showroom full of the answer to all of your commuting problems. The benefits of powered two wheeled transport is good for everyone, lets pull together to relieve congestion lets commute on scooters and motorcycles - lets get the roads moving again and take the stress out of travel - IT REALLY DOES MAKE SENSE !!!UK traffic congestion gets worse in cities 400x266

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