Yes we know it tried to snow last Thursday and its still mighty cold outside. The good news is we are only 6 weeks away from March and the new 17 registration plate. The year is flashing past already, and you dont have to be a rocket scientist to notice their are quite a few bargains floating around at the moment. As always prices start to rise as the weather gets better, suddenly it will be the middle of March and all the bargains will be gone. Even new models like the amazing new GSXR1000 are getting short and soon you will be looking June delivery, all the first shipment will be sold. The answer is to seriously think about what you want to do this Spring and Summer. At present we have a good range of very well priced bikes, some very spectacular deals on New but pre Registered Suzuki's only a few non Euro 4 Royal Enfields these are the simple traditional non ABS bikes, a good stock of 2016 V7 Moto Guzzi's that are £1000 cheeper than the 2017 model, and a very good selection of used bikes. 2017 will see some considerable price rises as the year progresses. All I can say is get in now while we have such well priced stock. Prices could be as much as 10% higher for many 2017 models, and this and the usual Spring shortage of used bikes will drag up prices accross the board.


The new 2017 GSXR1000 already selling very well, first deliveries late march 2017.

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