I cannot believe it yet more rail strikes. More people inconvenienced, more chaos. Why rely on a service that barely exists, just how much inconvenience must you have before you think " There Must Be A Better Way". There is an economical and convenient way to commute and generally get about, it goes from your door to your destination. It does not cause traffic jams, and it certainly will never "strike" . Powered two wheelers have to be the future, with super scooters that will cruise at the maximum speed limit and offer amazing weather protection to Motorcycles with heated grips and seats commuting on two wheels does not have to be cold and uncomfortable. Traffic Jams - you can slide through them like butter, there is a better way and we have the answers so give us a call - dont get held to ransom - regain your independance. Call 01243 782544 - You Know it Makes Sense !!


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