Quote from the Saturday Telegragh motoring section " A Belgian study focusing on the area between Brussels and Leuven showed that if only 10% of private cars were replaced by motorcycles, total time lost to traffic congestion by all vehicles drops by 40%" .

So if you " love thy neighbour " get on a scooter or motorcycle for your commute to work and not only make your journey quicker, but that of your neighbour as well. Just maybe you will get them on two wheels as well - between us we can make commuting fun again. So to all car drivers remember we are reducing your journey time by riding on two wheels - if our traffic busting scooters and motorcycles are making you so jealous and angry you feel you should " block us "   you are slowing yourselves down. There is only one answer - you really cant beat us - if you want that extra 10 minutes in bed join us, motorcycling is fantastic.

I know most car drivers give us space and I really thank them, they are fantastic, I reckon they have seen the light...


This really does not make for a fun day - We have an alternative call us we might not have all the answers but we certainly have one !!!!!

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