2017 is going to be amazing, Suzuki have just announced the GSX-S125 and a totally new updated AN400 Burgman super scooter. Technology seems to be the name of the game, LED headlights and LCD dashboards will be the new normal in 2017.

So far Suzuki have announced the ground braking GSXR1000and R model, this really will be all singing and dancing, just look what is happening in MotoGP. The new Vstrom 1000, 650 plus XT models and now the new 250, a GSXR250 and 125, the new GSX-S750 and GSX-S125 and a totally revamped AN400 Burgman Scooter - 2017 is looking pretty good...

2017 Suzuki GSX S125 150

The all new GSX-S125 available from July 2017 

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