2016 will be remembered for many reasons the main one from our point of view will be what amazing value the bikes were. 2017 will see the new Euro 4 bikes, in normal circumstances this would not have effected the price -  the Pound has dropped against most currencies 15% or more since June. Best news ever for exports not so good for us, everything we sell is imported. Parts and accessories are starting to creep up, as the new models start to arrive so will they. A 10% rise will make a Suzuki SV650 over £6,000.00 it will put £1,400 on the price of an Aprilia Tuono Factory. This is a serious price rise, made even more serious by the lack of new bikes currently available. The way things are going all 2016 models will be sold out. If you look around our showroom it is getting a little sparse, and its not just us, all the importers are running out, or are very low on stock as are other motorcycle dealers. This was planned Euro 4 is a big step forward in many ways out with the old and in with some amazing new models for 2017. What was not on the agenda was a 15% drop in value of the Great British Pound.

If you are thinking of a new bike in the next 12 months, right now might well be a very very good time to buy, we have some pretty good offers on, in most cases well below normal retail prices. Suddenly these offers will stop and prices will go up - you have been warned !!!!!!



Eg: Brand new GSR750Moto GP - Normally £8136.00 on the road -Save over £750.00 Now only £7359.00 Only 1 bike left. These offers are limited Hurry - Dont miss out !!!!

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