For 2016 we have both an RSV4 RF and Tuono Factory as demonstrator bikes, the RSV4 RF is sublime, the motor is very special in fact the whole bike is, but no matter how hard I try I am totally head over heals in love with the Tuono Factory. Last year our demo was an RR and it was amazing but with Ohlins Suspension the factory just glides over bumps looks drop dead gorgeous and that V4 engine is just incredible. Huge dollops of torque with a smooth never ending surge of glorious power. To ride is to love that is all I can say. The RSV4 is a little more focused it is a sports bike with serious attitude, again what makes it so special is the engine, that is Aprilias secret weapon, they have made their V4 engine so very special, it is silky smooth but with a hint of excitement that is plainly obvious when you ride it but very difficult to explain, what it does is make the whole experience very very special. Until you have ridden one of these bikes you will never understand.

Want the ultimate sports bike - look no further RSV4 RF - you will never regret it.

Want a do everything bike that is comfortable and fun - Look no further Aprilia Tuono - you will never be able to wipe the stupid grin off your face ......


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