Yes the new "16" Registration is only weeks away, so that means SPRING is on the way and sunny warm weather is just around the corner, the 2016 riding season is about to get underway - FANTASTIC.    What makes 2016 so special is the amazing offers we have running at the moment. I look at the prices of used motorcycles 4-5 years old and think a brand new bike is only 30-35% more with a 2 or 3 year warranty no dodgy history to worry about, and with amazing low rate or interest free finance or PCP works out to be far better value. That feeling of owning the brand new Motorcycle you have been dreaming about for years feels pretty good too. Give Chris a call on 01243 782544 have a chat dont waste another year dithering.

Suzuki have got 0% APR finance and low deposits on the majority of models. We have stunning offers on some new Moto Guzzi, Aprilia have just knocked £600 off the price of the RS4 125 and Royal Enfield are such amazing value anyway.  MAKE 2016 A YEAR TO REMEMBER - GET OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN.........


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