We have all sorts of little oddments from Key Chains to T shirts - Helmets to Battery Chargers and lots more. If you are stuck and cannot think of the right gift this Christmas why not call in and have a look around. We might just have exactly what you have been looking for. 

00001112 00100001121 001SPIRITED BLUET Small

Here at CMW we can offer lots of alternatives we have Scooters and Motorcycles that burst through the traffic and go door to door. No more - waiting on draughty platforms. No more strikes - No more excuses for being late to work. The best part of all probably an extra 10 minutes in bed as your journey will be quicker and travelling on a powered two wheeler will most likely save you a small fortune as well. 

There is an alternative you dont have to be at the mercy of the train companies. Independance has to be the way forward being in control of your own journey. What about traffic congestion ?? - well on a scooter or motorcycle you just ride straight past it.

Call us on 01243 782544 you know it makes sense ......



The latest SuperSports bike from Suzuki will arrive in the UK last week of March 2017 priced at £13,249 plus on the road charges. This bike is going to be one very special motorcycle - dont miss out these bikes will be short and they will be good and pretty amazing value so call Chris now on 01243 782544 otherwise you might not get one......GSXR100R2017

Please note this piucture is of the " R " Model

Christmas Offer - Moto Guzzi V7 Mk2 Special fitted with FREE Genuine Moto Guzzi Touring Screen and Chrome rear Carrier worth £468.98. This is one of the last of the Mk2 Specials and looks very classy in the striking Black / Orange paint scheme. The Moto Guzzi V7 is a pleasure to ride with its torquey V twin fuel injected engine with maintenance free shaft drive fitted with ABS brakes and Moto Guzzi traction Control makes it safe and easy even in the current icy cold conditions. For a real world motorcycle The Moto Guzzi V7 is a very practical bike. We have only the one bike left so Call Chris on 01243 782544 for more information. The 2017 Moto Guzzi V7 Mk3 should be available around Christmas but the price is going to be considerably more.

DSCN3524 Small

The attractive Moto Guzzi V7 Mk2 with free Screen and Carrier

Christmas offer 1 bike only Brand New Suzuki DL1000 Gloss Silver Fitted with Adventure Kit worth £999.00 at the unrepeatable price of only £8,995.00 Plus on the road.  Total £9132.00 with a £1050 Deposit repayable monthly @ £149.75 per month for 36 months and a final payment of £4335 on month 37. APR 8.8%   That is with an annual mileage of 3,000 miles. This is an example we can taylor a finance package to suit you just call Chris on 01243 782544, deposits can go up or down and payments adjusted accordingly, mileages can also be increased. 2016 Is looking like a very good year to buy a new bike - prices next spring will definitely be higher - you have been warned.


2016 Model Suzuki DL1000AL6 fitted with FREE Adventure Kit only £8,995 plus Road tax and First registration fee ( 1 bike only )  

Incredible Christmas offers on Brand New Suzuki GSR750 Moto GP and GSX-S1000, we only have one of each left at prices we dare not print. Call us now on 01243 782544. It might just make your Christmas.


Interest in the new 2017 Suzuki GSXR1000's is just incredible, this bike is going to set the " World on Fire ", just look at MotoGP, how well did Suzuki do this year. The new GSXR1000 is based on that same technology, what more needs to be said !!! Their will be two models the standard GSXR1000 and the GSXR1000R there are no prices, but whatever the price is,  it will be very competitive, with the present currency fluctuations and the fact first deliveries will not be until March Suzuki will wait until the first bikes arrive to make sure the price is as competitive as possible. With serious enquiries and deposits already being placed, this bike is going to be in short supply. Remember its not just the UK every country will want this bike. So if you want to be riding the new GSXR1000 in 2017, I recommend that you call Chris on 01243 782544 and get on the waiting list, it will mean you get a bike - they will be short. You have been warned......GSXR100R2017

The 2017 GSXR1000R - Upto the minute MotoGP Technology and Electronics - Can't wait for our demo bike .... 

Quote from the Saturday Telegragh motoring section " A Belgian study focusing on the area between Brussels and Leuven showed that if only 10% of private cars were replaced by motorcycles, total time lost to traffic congestion by all vehicles drops by 40%" .

So if you " love thy neighbour " get on a scooter or motorcycle for your commute to work and not only make your journey quicker, but that of your neighbour as well. Just maybe you will get them on two wheels as well - between us we can make commuting fun again. So to all car drivers remember we are reducing your journey time by riding on two wheels - if our traffic busting scooters and motorcycles are making you so jealous and angry you feel you should " block us "   you are slowing yourselves down. There is only one answer - you really cant beat us - if you want that extra 10 minutes in bed join us, motorcycling is fantastic.

I know most car drivers give us space and I really thank them, they are fantastic, I reckon they have seen the light...


This really does not make for a fun day - We have an alternative call us we might not have all the answers but we certainly have one !!!!!

There will be a limited production of 2017 non Euro 4 Hayabusa available only in black, and just a handful will come in over the next month. This will most likely be the end of the line for one of the most legendary motorcycles of the last 20 years. With one of the stongest and most powerful engines built, this bullet proof rocketship has been the class leader since it came out. If you would like one of the last of the "Legend" call Chris now on 01243 782544. Leave it too long and they will all be gone


The All Black 2017 Suzuki GSX1300RAL7 £ 11,636.00 on the road including 12 Months Road tax

Apply for your Suzuki Winter "Discount Card"  HERE. This enables you to get a 10% discount an Genuine Suzuki Spares and Accessories, Free Oil and Filter on scheduled servicing. The Discount Card is Valid until 28th February 2017. So there is no excuse not to get your Suzuki serviced and ready for 2017 and save a few quid in the process.

Call Alex or Tanya now on 01243 782544 To get your Suzuki serviced ready for next spring. 

Please note this offer does not include our free pick up and delivery for November and December.Suzuki DL250 Concept V Strom 250 3

The new DL250 V strom coming in 2017 

Winter is beginning to show its face, soon the gritters will be out, and the last thing you need is to have your pride and joy covered in salt. For November and December ( subject to availability ) we will pick your bike up and deliver back completely free of charge when you book a full service within a 20 mile radius of CMW. If you are further out we will make a nominal charge, just call Alex or Tanya on 01243 782544 and make an appointment. While it is in we can also valet your bike and make it gleam again, carry out an MOT, run it on our Dyno sort out its fuelling to optimise economy and performance, fit tyres and generally make sure everything is ready to go. For prices and any further information just give us a call. Then when the weather starts to improve again early next year, your bike is all ready to go - just a matter of squeezing back into that kit again !!!!

All you have to do is pick up the telephone we do the rest, call us on 01243 782544.

For some time we have had a Dyna Pro rolling road dynometer it is perfect for optimizing the fueling on your bike both for performance and economy if you would like some more information on this as well please give us a call.Dyna Pro Logo Black Background 300x65px  


I really don’t think so and here is the reason why…..

It does not take a rocket scientist to know the pound has suffered a bit since June, it has depreciated at least 12-15% or more dependant on currency. At some point this has to be passed on. At present there are some incredible bargains a lot of bikes need to be registered as they are not Euro 4 compliant with some amazing discounts.

A couple of  examples we have 1 Aprilia TuonoRR left  the current 2017 price is now £14,999 on the road we are selling at £11,499 that is a saving of  £3,500

That is whole load of dosh !!!

We also have a MotoGP GSR750 Suzuki at £7249 with Akrapovic Silencer and loads of other goodies and a 3 year warranty. Do you really believe the new GSX-S750 will be less than £8750 next spring when it arrives with no Akrapovic and a large Euro 4 Silencer. The 2017 Suzuki’s might go back to a 24 month warranty as well.

At present we have a showroom full of similar bargains just come and ask us.

Suddenly all these bargains will be snapped up, the offers we are currently seeing will not last, as we all come to terms with the new prices, these bikes will start to go up as will used prices as they catch up with the price of new. I doubt the 0% Finance offers will be around in 2017 as virtually every bike will be new or modified for Euro4. All manufacturers will price as competitively as they can, there will not be room to subsidise the finance.

So to recap : Yes if you want a new bike this really is the time to buy......


The GSR750 MotoGP amazing value at £7249 and the 2017 equivalent will be considerably more !!!!!

2017 is going to be amazing, Suzuki have just announced the GSX-S125 and a totally new updated AN400 Burgman super scooter. Technology seems to be the name of the game, LED headlights and LCD dashboards will be the new normal in 2017.

So far Suzuki have announced the ground braking GSXR1000and R model, this really will be all singing and dancing, just look what is happening in MotoGP. The new Vstrom 1000, 650 plus XT models and now the new 250, a GSXR250 and 125, the new GSX-S750 and GSX-S125 and a totally revamped AN400 Burgman Scooter - 2017 is looking pretty good...

2017 Suzuki GSX S125 150

The all new GSX-S125 available from July 2017 

We have just received probably the last Moto Guzzi Griso to leave the Mandello del Lario Factory, it is a stunning motorcycle like many it does not make Euro 4 so is the last of the line. This is a bike with passion that oozes from every tiny stylish little part. It is a sad day that a Classic Motorcycle like this has to cease production. Euro 4 will no doubt be a good thing in the long run emmissions will have to be reduced. Just like the demise of the big two strokes these thumping great engines will be a thing of the past. The rawness and passion of these bikes will be replaced by a slightly duller new breed of motorcycle. Yes on paper they will be better in every way - more power, lower emmissions, more economical, better handling, improved brakes etc. The question is does that really make them more fun to ride ???

Call Chris on 01243 782544 and get in while you still can......

2015 Moto Guzzi Griso 8V SE4 small

Michelin Pilot Power 120/70X17 Front 180/55X17 Rear. Sold as a pair £139.99 Supply only or £209.99 Fitted and balanced

Michelin Pilot Power 120/70X17 Front 190/50X17 Rear. Sold as a pair £149.99 Supply only or £219.99 Fitted and balanced

Michelin Pilot Power 120/70X17 Front 190/55X17 Rear. Sold as a pair £159.99 Supply only or £229.99 Fitted and balanced

Limited stock call Alex or Tanya now on 01243 782544 

pilot power 2ct



The most exciting new model launches will be at Milan next week, 2017 is going to be a game changer. Euro 4 arrives so we should have quieter and cleaner running motorcycles. Incredible Electronics more information for the rider, connectivity to smart phones, amazing colour dash boards and who knows what else, there was a taster at Cologne, I think Milan will be the show with the "Show Stoppers". Moto Guzzi and Aprilia wil have some secrets tucked up their sleeves, maybe we will get a first view of the 2017 Royal Enfields including the new Himilaya. Suzuki will have a whole new range, we have seen a few the 2017 GSXR1000, 2017 Vstroms, GSXR125 and the new GSX-S750, last week we heard about the Vstrom 250 and GSXR250. I think there is more to come. 2017 will be a very exciting year -watch this space as soon as we hear anything we shall post it. 2017 Bring it on !!!.

Suzuki DL250 Concept V Strom 250 3

The new DL250 Vstrom - more information as we get it....